Weight-loss coffee & tea sample time! I love it so far, but now for the ultimate test…

So today is the day: I finally get to send my friends their free coffee and tea samples. Twelve packages in all. It took me FOREVER to get the opportunity to sit and put together their packages– between building a fence, baby, and painting kitchen cabinets!– so I’m really looking forward to getting their input. 

I have REALLY enjoyed the sugar-control tea so far. I notice that my numbers have been stable for my fasting glucose reading first thing in the morning and that’s a REALLY good thing. As for the coffee, it tastes fantastic and I haven’t gained any weight myself, but my diet is pretty regimented these days so I don’t have much fluctuation like I used to. 

Well, it’s time for me to start preparing for my first day of work tomorrow at the local newspaper, the Victoria Advocate. I’m actually really excited that I’ll be getting back into sales after a year of substitute teaching. I enjoy teaching tremendously, but I don’t enjoy living paycheck to paycheck like we have been for the past year. (If you think teachers are low-pay, you’d be pretty embarrassed by sub pay!) that’s also another reason why I joined Javita– it has HUGE potential for growth and there’s too many ways to get paid to NOT be able to make a decent additional income! And all I should have to do is share a great product! 

Here’s to good fortune, and good coffee! 



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